​​​​​​​We are an artist led enterprise that creates a space for people to thrive.  Aiming to eliminate the ‘I can’t draw’ mindset, we show that anyone can be creative and have a fulfilling and productive outlet.
Through educational and interactive workshops, we guide you to express and challenge yourself through the making of abstract art. Our workshops result in pupils creating unique artworks and learning creative processes that benefit them both mentally and creatively. We have designed our exhibits and exercises to be fun introductions to art while also giving professional insight to the artistic process.​​​​​​​ Sessions are adapted to suit the specific requirements of the attendees and all events are relaxed and informal. 
We offer:
- Personal programs for beginners, families, students or experienced artists
- Group workshops and seminars to educate and inspire creativity
- Exhibits and Events tailored to your needs and desires

and so much more
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